Corporate Party Planner In Chandigarh

We specialize in planning parties for corporations in Chandigarh.

Corporate Party Planning involves organizing and managing parties and celebrations specifically for businesses or companies.

These events are for their clients, partners, stakeholders, or employees.

Our company specializes in event planning and has extensive experience. We focus on personalizing each event and party. Thanks to our vast experience in creating custom events, we provide exceptional party planning and event management services.

We stand out by offering creative ideas and ensuring the perfect execution of all details.

We plan all types of parties and celebrations, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s a celebration dinner, wine & cheese event, theme party, festival celebration, farewell dinner, or annual ball, our goal is to create memorable experiences.

As the top corporate party planner in Chandigarh, we’re here to help with any corporate event you’re thinking of organizing. We’re always excited to discuss your event plans.



With years of experience in corporate events, we’ve developed strong project management skills and a knack for thinking big. This has made us the preferred choice for corporate events in Chandigarh.

We are the best party planners in Chandigarh, and we throw corporate events of all shapes and sizes. We plan and put together all kinds of celebrations, from significant events to small, custom-made parties.

These could be for an operational excellence award, a quality excellence award, global recognition, an annual gala, a farewell party, a theme dinner, the opening of a new facility, an office party, or any other kind of celebration.

Showmakerz party planners put together high-end, world-class events and parties.

We plan, organize, and carry out the most unforgettable guest experiences, from extravagantly themed extravaganzas to elegant, sophisticated, and small celebrations for both business and private clients. We have a lot of creative ideas and excellent technical skills.

We’re full of great ideas for planning parties and have our production team to make sure your dream event is organized on time and within your budget, all in Chandigarh.

As one of the best Luxury Party Planners, we’re known for making sure that our client’s ideas for their fancy parties come true.

We can make the atmosphere and decorations for your party look amazing and find you the best entertainment in the world.

Our cutting-edge event production and careful planning will ensure that people talk about your party for years to come.

Festival Celebrations

Party festivals are much fun, especially when you go with friends and enjoy music, food, and drinks.

Showmakerz is a small festival event and production company that works with clients all over the country to provide them with engaging decor, intelligent ideas, and creative ideas.

Our parties are always fun and exciting. Not only can they bring people together, but they can also have fun, inspire, and motivate people.

No matter the holiday or event, we can help you plan a magical, custom-made party for you. This includes Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year’s, Women’s Day, and more.

Office Decor & Parties

Every event should be celebrated because life is a party.

We love putting together corporate office decorations for any event. We can help you decorate your office for any event, whether it’s a holiday or a party.

We can help you with your office decor and styling, party games, engagements, custom booths, and party hosts.

We can organize office parties and decorate for groups of any size, no matter the event or budget. Your office party can have a theme, whether it’s for a festival, the opening of a new office, a farewell party, or some other significant event.

Venue Sourcing

We’ve built great relationships with venues all over the country. We can help you whether you want to hold your party in a five-star hotel, a farmhouse, or somewhere else, indoors or outdoors. In addition to finding the venue, we also make sure that all of the services they offer are up to par so that the event goes smoothly and is a success. Ask for our free service to help you find a venue.

Themes and Decorations

This is a great idea: give your party a theme. You can make your idea come true because we have our decor and production set up.

We are experts at changing the look of places by adding custom decorations like drapes, centrepieces, props, lighting, and more. Our Party Styling team knows how to come up with creative themes for events, provide excellent service, and change the look of your venue.

Event Entertainment

It takes much work to find the right entertainment for your party. We can help you find the right entertainment for your party based on the type of party, the number of guests, and your budget.

You can book live bands, Bollywood singers, Punjabi singers, Sufi singers, live acts, or a party host through us. We can help you make changes to any of our hundreds of Corporate Entertainment Ideas.

If you need a corporate party planner in Chandigarh, feel free to tell us about your needs. We’ll get back to you with professional suggestions and an estimated cost based on what you want.